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A ClassicPress and WordPress Conference that happens on twitter

Who are the organisers

Photo of Phil Barker sat on the door step of a camping pod in the sun.Phil Barker (@philbarker) is a consultant in information systems for education and technology to enhance learning. He has been blogging with WordPress since 2007, and writing plugins and themes since 2012. He thinks WordPress is great because of the easy progression it afforded him from writing blogs, through installing and customizing themes and plugins to writing his own themes, in much the same way as drupal didn’t. He is not a fan of Gutenberg because, well, see previous. He uses WordPress mostly for side projects, otherwise he is to be found working on metadata schema, open education and educational content in projects through Cetis LLP.



Pat Lockley

Pat Lockley (@pgogy) started out in WordPress at the University of Nottingham as a blogger.

He then went to work at the University of Oxford on a WordPress OER project as a developer. When that ended, he worked on another WordPress OER project

He then went to the University of London, where amongst other things, he helped redesign their blog

For the last four years, he’s been self-employed running Pgogy Webstuff and doing a lot in WordPress

You can see more on his WordPress dot Org profile

Hey Pressto!